Getting Started


Other Tutorials

Icon design

This tutorial shows how you might use Solandra as a way to do Generative design for App Icons

Watercolours with Solandra

Create watercolour style graphics with Solandra.


On 28th October 2019, I gave a workshop/talk on Solandra which Tariq Rashid wrote up as a introductory tutorial.

On 6th November 2019 I'll gave a talk about TypeScript and Solandra (at the London TypeScript Meetup).

On 15th November 2019 I covered why I created Solandra and the ideas/principles behind it at London Creative Code.


On CodeSandbox, quickly get started: Simple editable sketch

You can get a markdown cheat sheet.

To start coding: clone this project to try out as add React/NextJS powered GUI around stuff.

On NPM. Install with npm i solandra or yarn add solandra.

There is a React wrapper for those using the most popular front end framework, install from NPM with npm i solandra-react solandra react react-dom or yarn add solandra-react solandra react react-dom.

Solandra was made by James Porter.

Check out the GitHub page or install with npm i solandra